Croatia Car rental - Cross-Border card detail explained.

Car rental Tips and Tricks Jan 24, 2018

The green card serves as a proof of contractual automobile liability insurance and is used when leaving the vehicle abroad.
The Green Card System was introduced on January 1, 1953, and is primarily the European system, although it does not include all European countries, and includes some non-European ones.

Do we need to pay extra for cross border?

No! Cross border card in part of Avax rent a car agreement and if you book car directly via our website just select Cross-Border. We do allow your customers to travel outside Croatia.
Note: there is special condition to travel to Kosovo and Albania, due the high risk of theft and car damage we do provide cross border with special conditions.

How I can be sure that green card document is icluded?

Our officer will provide you all car documents with greed paper inluded, that you will use when you will cross border. Once you are at border officers will ask you for green insurance papaer, wihtout this documents officer car refuse to allow you access to country.

What kind of documents I need to travel Cross border?

  • Passport or ID ( there is some special regulation with some countries to show just valid ID) to be sure Passport will be good in all situations.
  • Car documents (Green paper + car owner paper) this will be provided once you collect vehicle and it is always good to check with officer that all documents are there.
    Note: Make sure that your ID or passport are valid and not expired.


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