Road Trip begins in Croatia with Avax

Split Rental Car Mar 2, 2018

Diano Maya start road trip from Split with Avax rent a car.
For this trip they did select Brand new Suzuki Swift, more about Diano and Maya you can find on their social pages.
Here is some quote from them.

Diano Maya

So, we started our journey in Split, Croatia. Avax rent a car agency in Split had kindly given us their newest Suzuki Swift, which passed only 20 kilometers. Their only motto is to provide quality service at a competitive price and they lived up to our expectation. Their staff was amazing upon pick up and we managed to get discount for you guys!
If you are planing a road trip this year make sure you CALL or EMAIL them and ask for “DianoMaya 10% discount”


Here is some images from start of their trip




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