How does a car rental deposit work with Avax rent a car?

Oct 8, 2020

Secure deposit if one of the most asked questions that people ask. Do we need to leave any deposit? How much is secure deposit? Can I use my debit card for secure deposit?

What is secure deposit?
Secure deposit is as simply sum of money that we do block on your card during your rental period as guarantee in case something goes wrong during your rental period. For example: very dirty car, scratches or parking/police tickets.

What is excess?
Excess is maximum amount that you will have to pay in case of accident.

How much is excess fee?
Excess fee is not same for all car category, here is list of all car category with excess fee information depending on insurance package you do select.

How much is deposit?
Deposit = Excess fee, if you do select PREMIUM insurance then deposit for damage is 0 Eur.
Note: minimum secure deposit is 120 Eur for all cars with PREMIUM insurance, it is deposit in case you do parking/police tickets that are not covered by any insurance.

Excess fee for Mini/Economy car size ( manual transmission) Toyota Aygo, VW polo or Suzuki Swift
Excess fee for Intermediate car size ( manual transmission) Suzuki Baleno, KIA Ceed, Suzuki Vitara, Citroen c elysee, VW Golf, Suzuki S-Cross, Suzuki Vitara 4X4
Excess fee for Mini/Economy car size ( Automatic transmission) Suzuk Baleno AT, Opel Adam AT, Suzuki Swift AT
Excess fee for Station Wagon/Intermediate car size ( Automatic transmission) Kia Ceed SW AT, Suzuki Vitara AT, Suzuki S-Cross AT
Excess fee for VAN/SUV car size ( Opel Vivaro or Renault Traffic, Kia Sportage, Kia Carens)

If I select Premium insurance do I need to leave any deposit?🤔

YES 🚙☔ If you select Premium insurance option your deposit for excess will be reduced to zero, this mean if you do damage our car or you do damage to other car you will be fully covered.

In case of accident, vehicle damage, theft or loss or other similar circumstances the driver is obligated to:
Immediately report such incident to the police.
Report incident to Avax rent a car representative (phone or email).
Record all participants in incident.

👮 Due the insurance policy POLICE report is mandatory in case any car incident.
Calling the police station and submitting to police written report of the accident, even in case of slight damage. If any of mentioned above renter fails to do he/she will be liable for all consequences lessor may suffer therefore. In case of any damage police report is mandatory(as stated above) otherwise even with extra insurance purchased has no value.

Please have a note, even you take Premium insurance we will pre-authorize deposit for:
Parking, and traffic violation related fees: We will authorize 120 EUR for parking and traffic violation related fees. This will be automatically released if there no parking or traffic violations during the rental period.

Can I rent a car without a credit card? 🤚💳

Yes you can rent a car without credit card.
We do allow renting a car without credit card with some special circumstances for smaller car group’s Mini, Economy and Intermediate, depending on pick up/return location and rental period. Please have a note that if you don't own credit card that you will need to select PREMIUM insurance + 40 Eur for no credit card fee. No Credit Card fee can be selected on step 4 of booking process.

Can I use my debit card for secure deposit?
Yes you can use your debit card for secure deposit if you do select PREMIUM insurance + no credit card fee that cost extra 40 Eur ( can be selected on step 4 of booking process) in that case we will use your debit card for 120 Eur minimum secure deposit.  

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