Split 1 day trip tips, Ultimate guide

Mar 16, 2023

After experiencing that a lot of our customers have many questions about travel routes, here we deliver some suggestions where to travel. Considering the city of Split is located in the heart of Dalmatia, it is an ideal starting point for visiting many different areas. Split is also well connected to other parts of Croatia which means you can choose a variety of destinations to fill your unique travel portfolio.

One day trips from Split

Krka Waterfalls

National park Krka is a ''must see'' natural attraction when travelling through Croatia. Magnificent waterfalls, diverse flora & fauna and impressive scenery are located 1 hour driving from Split which makes Krka perfect for one day trip. While there, make sure to visit Skradin, little historical town situated along Krka.

You can choose different routes to go to Krka waterfalls. Route via tolled highway is fastest option with 87 km distance from Split to Lozovac entry. Second option is coastal road which is 10km longer route with lower average driving speed but it provides beautiful view on Dalmatian coastal landscape. Third, 92km long route through Dalmatian hinterland is an option for true nature lovers as the route is surrounded by mountains, forests and rocky grasslands. As there are three different options, you can even combine them and take one route option when going to Krka waterfalls, and other route option back to Split.

Trogir & Primošten

If you like Split, you will also be in love with Trogir. This over 2200 years old island town is located 25 km from Split. UNESCO listed it as World Heritage Site so it takes first place on a list for one day trips from Split. Combined with another small island town Primošten you can experience true Mediterranean spirit.

No matter which town you want to visit first, the best option is to choose coastal road from Split. Primošten is located 60km from Split and town of Trogir is somewhere on the halfway of the route. This means you can spend first half of the day enjoying Primošten beaches and the other half you can explore Trogir's old town and its stunning promenade.

Omiš & Cetina River

Picturesque and charming; those words are first that come into mind when thinking about Omiš and its surroundings. This old pirate town is adorned by canyon, river and sea which makes it a peculiar destination to visit. With distance around 26km from Split, town of Omiš and its beautiful long beaches is remarkable trip choice.

The best route to go to Omiš is via coastal two-lane road where you will drive through Dalmatian coastal settlements. Depending on traffic, it can take from 30 mins up to one hour driving. During summer it is one of the most busy roads, but with a little patience you will get directly to center of Omiš. After getting to Omiš you will have many options for exploring its surroundings with Radmanove Mlinice or Cetina Canyon only a couple of minutes driving from center.

Red & Blue Lake, Imotski

Extraordinary Dalmatian lakes are true gem of Imotski, a small town located around 85 km from Split. This historical landscape was inspiration for many traditional folk stories and legends and Red & Blue Lake are main natural attractions to visit. Red Lake is one of the deepest karstic lakes in the world and Blue Lake is perfect for swimming or playing football when in dries up during summer.

With a few different options to travel to Imotski, the best option is to take tolled highway from Split to Zagvozd Exit and than use local road from Zagvozd to Imotski. Local road is two-lane road going through Dalmatian hinterland where you can experience agricultural and rural Dalmatian spirit. While in Imotski, make sure to try local Dalmatian cuisine and get on top of Topana, 10th century fortress from which you can take a view of entire Imotski region.

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