With Reel, we build more trust in our car rental service

As a company, we continuously invest in enhancing the experience our customers enjoy during the time of booking, car pickup, driving, and dropoff.

For us, one of the most important aspects of our customers' experience is trust!

Thanks to the Reel team, we've implemented their high-quality optical damage control platform that helps our business to document and track fleet conditions, and most importantly, gain customers' confidence.

We know how stressful it is when damage is found on the car you just returned. It's frustrating and can ruin your entire vacation, especially if you didn't know about the damage. Our customers now have a reliable way of knowing if they were responsible or if the damage was already present at the pickup time.

Example of a check-out video footprint at the time of car-rental service at Avax - less stress, quick transition, and a contactless rental service opportunity for everyone renting a car with Avax Rent.

Adopting the Reel's suite of web and mobile applications, we've managed to remove the pain from damage claims and insurance policies. Now we can transparently share and document fleet conditions in a detailed digital report combined with a high-definition 360-video footprint. Every condition report also comes with images of potentially spotted damages, including timestamped overall vehicle condition history. ‌

Here is how simple it is: we create a walkaround video of the car at the pickup and another video at the dropoff. If new damage is spotted, we verify if it had been there in the pickup video. For full transparency, our customers get comprehensive reports in their e-mail.
‌With the help of Reel, we provide our customers with a transparent, well-documented digital car condition report. ‌

Besides regular in-person car-rental service, we extended our offer to contactless rental services with the facilitation of Reel solutions.
Our customers receive the vehicle condition report, which is 100% secure, transparent, and includes all the details related to the rented vehicle.

As the most recommended car rental service provider in Croatia, we care for our customers. With the help of Reel solutions, we've taken our services to the next level while advancing our overall rental business processes and serving our customers better.
Car rental condition check-out and check-in via mobile phone

Now, we're able to share with our customers the actual digital vehicle condition reports (on the platform and through the e-mail) right from the beginning of their rental journey until, and including, the vehicle return. Accordingly, we provide our customers with a clear report of a rented vehicle condition, supported with a video and image shreds of evidence.

Transparent video condition reports build trust, customer loyalty, business efficiency, and a peace of mind.

‌With Reel, we've removed any uncertainty from damage recording and data processing practices, while focusing on transparency, accessibility, and service quality.

Report vehicle condition via mobile and receive detailed report in a second.

Given that we've implemented these smart solutions for the rental business, we can focus on our service quality and building trust with our customers so they can fully relax and enjoy their journeys using our vehicles with peace in mind. ‌

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